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Update on Attendance at Mass

Dear parishioners,

I have added two additional Masses at the weekend (Saturday: 5.00pm & Sunday: 10.00am) to enable those, who have registered for Mass at Holy Family, to attend every week as opposed to every second/third week.

Everyone who has registered for Mass at the weekend has been allocated a Group and Mass.  If you have not received a call or email regarding these changes please contact the parish as soon as possible.

The Mass schedule for the weekend is as follows;

Saturday (Vigil) - 5.00pm (Group A)  &    (Vigil) 6.00pm (GroupB)

Sunday               10.00am (Group A)   &           11.00am (Group B)

Please note these additional Masses are a temporary arrangement; they will end when the current restrictions are lifted.

Note too for you who have not yet registered, the only weekend Mass for which you can now register is the Vigil at 5.00pm (only 6 places available!).  Once these places are filled anyone wishing to attend Mass at the weekend will have to wait until the number permitted to attend Mass (50 at present) is increased.  Mindful that the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday is still suspended you may, if you wish, register for a weekday Mass.

I have been able to add these extra Masses thanks to the willingness of our wonderful band of stewards and cleaners to put in an extra few hours work; a kindness for which I am most grateful.

As for weekday Mass there will no longer be a public Mass on Saturday morning (9.30) after the 15 August.  This Mass will be celebrated in private for now, simply to ease the pressure on our volunteers whose workload has been increased with the added Masses at the weekend.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support during this time of upheaval;  and for your patience and understanding too.

God bless you.

Fr Michael Brown  PP

Holy Family, Mossend

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John Wright
John Wright
Jul 08, 2021

Hi father my names john wright os there any spaces left for saturday night. I try and just bookmass every 2nd or 3rd weeks so other people get the chance of geting mass


Aug 27, 2020

This is why i have not registered. I cannot commit to a regular church, let alone mass each weekend. I travel to whichever mass i can get to at whichever church, that my shifts allow.

I wouldn't dream of taking a place away from someone when i can only manage every 2 or 3 weeks. I have been going around all live broadcasts i can from Ireland to Manila, to ensure i see mass on a Sunday.


Aug 18, 2020

With the introduction of extra masses, would it not be better to leave attendance at mass to alternate weeks to allow more parishoners to attend? It seems very unfair to those of us who have been unable to register to miss out.

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