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The Sisters of St Joseph of Annecy

1986 - 2007

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The Order

Holy Family parish was privileged to enjoy the pastoral support of a community of St. Joseph of Annecy from 1986 until 2007.

The Order was founded in 1650 in Le Puy, France by a French Jesuit, Jean Pierre Medaille.  Aware of the many needs of the destitute around at that time, Fr Medaille desired to draw all peoples into the unconditional love of the Blessed Trinity.  It was his purpose that he founded the Sisters of St. Joseph whose mission is according to the intention of their founder, to bring about the total union of ourselves and our neighbour with God, of ourselves with others, of all others among themselves and with us all in Jesus and in God His Father. The sisters have aspired to fulfil this mission in many ways down through the past three centuries.  In discerning the needs of the times, as did their founder, the sisters have responded with zeal and enthusiasm and courage to make Christ Known and loved by all showing preference for the poorest of the poor and most neglected. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy are an international Congregation with established communities in France, Switzerland, India, Africa, England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland

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Blairs College, Aberdeen                 1906 - 1986

Sacred Heart, Bellshill                      1969  - 1985

St Conval’s, Pollock                          1980 - 1986

Our Lady of Fatima, Dalmarnock     1995 - 1998

Holy Family Mossend                       1985 - 2007

Their Scottish Mission
1906 - 2007
Sisters who served the Scottish Mission

Sister Albertina, Sister Alexius, Sister Anne Bernadette, Sister Ann Rutter, Sister Assumpta, Sister Attracta, Sister Barbara,

Sister Bernardine, Sister Brendan, Sister Brigid, Sister Calasanctius, Sister Canisius, Sister Carol, Sister Catherine Curran,

Sister Illtyd, Sister Jerome, Sister John Bosco, Sister Josephine, Sister Joseph Therese, Sister Juliana, Sister Kathleen Brennan,

Sister Laurentia, Sister Leonard, Sister Loyola, Sister Magdalen, Sister Margaret Hennessy, Sister Margaret Lynch, Sister Maria,

Sister Paula, Sister Perpetua, Sister Philiberte, Sister Raymond, Sister Sheila, Sister Stanislaus, Sister Stella, Sister St. Andrew,

Sister St. Anne, Sister St. John, Sister St. Mark, Sister St. Philip, Sister St. Roch, Sister Teresa Anthony.

We thank all the sisters who served communities in Scotland from 1906 to 2007.

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